-The Bulawayo Public Library makes bold gestures to establish its presence on site: a single/double volume, interior/exterior space.

The combination of simplicity of design for greater legibility; and of structural systems and materials results in a consistence that's easy to read.

-The spaces are all linked via the circulation spine that runs from the entrance desk through the reading spaces and culminating at the dedicated children's reading/play centre and community facilities at the back.

- Arrangement of spaces allow for ease of supervision of all spaces while at the same time providing a high degree of flexibility.

- Critical to the design is the buffering of street noise which is done by careful hierarchy of spaces as well as the provision of glare-free lighting achieved by the use of rooflight pyramids.

- Integral to the library design is the provision of community space for library based activities such as adult literacy tutoring, library club meetings, discussion groups and mobile library facilities