COMPANY REGISTRATION: Archade Design Studios (Pty) Ltd is a Companies and Intellectual Property Commission registered private company.

Registration Number 2015/104310/07.

Registered as Archade Design Studios (Pty) Ltd

BBBEE: Archade Design Studios is a level 2 rated company in terms of broad-based black economic empowerment and are a black woman owned entity.

mission & vision: the founding principle of creativity that responds, first of all, to the diligent interpretation of clients' specific needs, and the broader and more pertinent issues of identity, Ubuntu, responsibility towards the welfare of the communities we build in, the welfare of the nature, the recognition of the need to preserve, conserve and regenerate/rehabilitate what has been damaged, is the driving force that makes the Archade Design Studio architecture to constantly move, adapt and aspire to be part of the changing defining parameters.

how we do it: the Archade Design Studios team is a family unit, with the principals being involved at all project stages to ensure the archade signature. every project is given the full attention of the entire team. our multidisciplinary approach to all projects by having strategic partnerships with other consultants results in an integrated project development setup, where all disciplines collaborate from the pre-inception, inception up to commissioning of the project.

research: at Archade Design Studios we believe that every project is unique and requires a specific understanding of its nature, client, context and form. we therefore require each member of our team to at all times question, seek and hunger to know more before the first line is even drawn.

we thus explore the full richness and diversity of architecture, understanding it as a critical cultural act that engages our most fundamental desires and aspirations. We refuse singular definitions of architecture: as art, as technology, as social service, as environmental agent, as political statement. We embrace all these definitions, together, as part of the rich, complex and vital discipline that we believe architecture to be.